a fox & a wolf is a little bit of this and a little bit of that. here you will find updates mostly through photos, a few thrifty finds, some cool music, maybe a style post from time to time, and a whole lot of mom stuff. oh, and can't forget about that jesus <3

ashley is a sahm of two who loves to create, ramble, read, drink coffee, pretend to work out, meditate, do yoga from the couch and watch scary movies. she's also a tlc and hgtv marathon maniac who can't get enough of chocolate, vampires, zombies and all things mint colored. 

the kids love giggling, dancing, and giving kisses to each other. they enjoy the occasional snuggle and love to hang out on the couch watching movies. sister plays volley ball, blogs, creates, and loves taylor swift. brother loves avocados, dancing to any music, and saying 'do do do' all day long. he just recently celebrated his first year and is running around all over the house. 

if you would like to contact the fox about her posts or to swap ads, you can email her at afoxandawolf@yahoo.com

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  1. This is so cute! I love how you share the story of your family. :)

  2. A phenomenal way to write your about me section. I really enjoyed reading it. You hooked me : D.