Thursday, August 2, 2012

the adventures of a fox and a wolf {and their pup}

this past weekend we went camping for the first time since we started dating and for baby’s first time ever! it was a lot of fun. we went to a little campground off of the 41 called cerro alto. the site we had was very secluded – you had to walk uphill to get to it! i loved it!
when we first got there we set up camp, i nursed oli, then we went for a nice hike to the top of a mountain. so gorgeous! after our hike and walk around the campground, we  started a fire, grilled some hot dogs, s’mored it up, played some card games, and fell asleep to some really random pandora music and the sounds of nature al around us. baby did great, as usual {he’s such a good sleeper!} and was bright eyed and big smiles in the morning.
a couple friends and their son came out to visit us and us mamas walked around the campground with the wee ones while the men packed up camp. i wish we would have stayed another night, but we had other plans. when bry gets home we plan to do a whole weekend trip with her and oli either there or at the lake.
heres a few photos from the trip:

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