Monday, December 31, 2012

christmas 2012 with the fox & the wolf {pups too}

how was your christmas? ours was pretty great. we woke up about 730, had some coffee, and got to opening gifts. little guy, of course, had no clue as to what was going on, but he sure did like the tissue paper! thats what first christmases are all about, right? the wrapping and tissue paper.
after we finished up under our tree we headed over to richard’s parent’s house for more presents. they sure do spoil us! i can’t complain, though… i got a lot of things i love!
richard took some photos that i will cherish forever: my kids’ first christmas together {little guys first christmas ever!}
lovely, aren’t they? i sure do love my kiddos. they made out like bandits! of course, with parents and grandparents that spoil them some rearranging of the entire house is in order. our ‘spring cleaning’ will be happening this winter.
and here are some of my favorite presents:
-leopard print flats
-plaid button down flannel
-list pads and magnetic clips for blogging
-owl plush
-infinity scarf
i got a whole lot of other neat-o stuff, but these pretty much top the cake. and of course my biggest gift of all was having my kids with me. such joy!

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