Monday, January 7, 2013

our bedroom makeover | phase one

im so excited. wait; that deserves an explanation mark… im so excited! we are doing a bedroom redo – woot woot! i moved in with the wolf about three years ago and this is what i moved in to
okay so a lot of that stuff is mine, but when i first moved in mr wolf had a lot of his stuff all over the place. hey; as long as the rest of our house is neat and tidy right?
so aside from the clutter {read: mess} the wall color isn’t as airy and light as i would like {and really isn’t my taste either} and the furniture is mismatched. and not in a way that is cohesive at all. so i jumped on pinterest and found some great bedroom inspirations. my vision is light, airy, cohesive, vintage, and something that reflects the fox & the wolf. not just the wolf. i am also hoping for a little reading nook so i can have a little area to escape to when i need some mommy time. here are a few of my inspirations…
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now if i can only i could make it happen in one click…
oh wait..
Picture 2
thanks to this awesome site called urban barn, you can plan out your room based on your measurements. now i know what will fit, what will go where and pretty much what it will look like.
now that we have the layout finished and our {read: my} inspirations in line, we have a general paint color picked out, including the pretty aqua blue that my night stand will be painted. this week {hopefully} we will get started in the preparations of painting and by the end of the month have the painting, bed, and headboard finished as well as the new desk and night stand picked out. next month is moving the furniture around, getting rid of the stuff we don’t need, then by march have all of the accents and decorations in and get the room finished.
i seriously cannot wait until the room is complete. i wish we could take an entire weekend off to finish it… hmmm…
oh! and my little reading nook… i am most excited about that!

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