Friday, February 8, 2013

i've become that mom...

.... that puts the stroller right by the door cause she's too lazy to put it away.

i'll be honest, we really have a messy garage that the wolf needs to clean up and the b.o.b is just too damn complicated for me to figure out how to fold up {does it even fold up?}.

so there it sits, by the door, ready for me to use without having to get it out, unfold it, dust it off even though its totally in the way...

hey, motherhood is all about convenience, right?

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  1. i bet you said before you had kids you would always put it away too lol i know i did, say it not actually out it away :)
    Following you on GFC now hon via the followers to freinds blog hop, hope you can follow back if you like what you see on my blog
    Angela x