Thursday, March 28, 2013

mother daughter day

when we started trying for a baby, we made sure to talk to bry about it. we didn't have to actually, because it was all she ever talked about when the wolf and i met. 'can i have a baby brother or sister?' 'when are you guys going to give me a brother or sister?' it was like that all the time. but still; we wanted to make sure she understood what it would be like to have a baby in the house. one of the biggest worries i had was that she would feel left out. i know that i would never let that happen, but i can't avoid how she would feel anyway.

one of the ways we had planned to avoid the 'left out' feeling was to dedicate a day each week to only her. whether it was going out for froyo, taking a little day trip to the park, or whatever; we wanted to make sure she knew we still loved her too. when we brought baby home and i was recovering from a cesarean, the wolf stepped in and did all extra curricular activities with bry, volunteered at school, took over some of my PTA roles, and more. what was huge to bry was how much time he spent with her and only her since i was all wrapped up in baby newborn bliss [and not to mention, the cesarean]. but when i could, i gave bry all of me.

there was a particular moment i cherish a lot: i was lying in bed [finally! the cesarean made it difficult for me to be in any position other than upright for two whole weeks!] reading, baby out in the living room with the wolf, and it's mid day. i call for bry to come in and lie next to me. we're lying on the bed and i flip on netflix and put a movie on for us to watch. usually when we are together we get crazy, like farting noises, british accents, farting literally, making fun of the asian nail salons [im so sorry!!] 'ohhhh you pick color. ohhh that color look good on you', and laughing our butts off. so of course, this moment was no different. i cherish this moment the most in those first several months because it was the first time i had with her since baby. and i loved it. i snapped a few photos of our time together [comparing tattoos on one another; hers totally fake of course]:

we know how to party.

thankfully i have been able to spend some quality time with bry like we had planned. once i recovered from the cesarean and i could actually leave the house with out baby, bry and i took our mother daughter time to the outdoors. but honestly my life has been sort of hectic and we don't always get to spend one on one time together as much as i'd hoped. so along with scheduling as much as possible in life, i'm planning on doing the same with my time with bry. 

the beginning of this month we had a big mother daughter day. we left in the early afternoon and didn't get back until evening. it was great being with her and equally great being away from home for so long with out baby. [don't get me wrong; i'm pretty attached to him, but mama need her break too!] it was so amazing to dedicate my time to only her and go out and do girly things. 

how we spent our mother daughter day:

-listening to music that bry chose cause god forbid her mother's taste in music is worth listening to. 
-target dollar section raid; spent under $4.00
-forever21 where we tried on outfits, did a mini fashion runway show in the fitting rooms [while getting weird looks], and got some forever21 accessories; spent under $4.00
-quick stop at a friends guitar shop in the village
-hopped on over to old village grill across from said friend's guitar shop where we ate lunch; spent $0.00 cause my friend bought us lunch.
-headed to the vans store in the outlets and bought two pairs of shoes, one for each of us; spent $15.00 [i had a $40 gift card there from christmas so the total was $55, but only actually spent $15.00]
-window shopped the outlets
-bought bry some neon green fishnet hand gloves at claire's; spent $1.00

we had so much fun! we laughed and talked and she even shared a secret with me about a boy! it was awesome. and... i only spent $25.00! score! since we had so much fun, i thought this would be perfect to schedule in to my month; a mother daughter day. the next one will be the first weekend in april and we plan on going [OMG i can't believe this!] bra shopping. victoria's secret here we come...

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