Sunday, March 17, 2013

teeth whitening journey: beginning

i am back! you probably hadn't noticed, but i took a week off from blogging from all of the blogs. bry has been going through some rough things this year with bullies [at which the school is doing nothing about] and this past week has been very rough for her and the entire family because of it. i took a week off to focus on helping her through this bump in the road and focus more on my family. the battle with bullies is still very present, but i was able to help bry through some confidence issues and we are on our way to mending things. now if only the school will do their part...

i've be writing about my journey through being bullied in middle school through high school and the tragic turn it took my junior year, which i will share with all of you as soon as i can stop crying through the post! in the post i'll also touch a little on the struggle bry has had this year and what i fear most next year when she starts junior high. the post should be up this week [keeping fingers crossed].

okay now on to something less depressing...

it is no surprise that i am in love with pinterest. i am on it on the daily and pin things like crazy. one day i came across some homemade teeth whitening recipes and decided i want to try one out since i am cheap [read: broke] and don't want to spend money on a commercial teeth whitening kit and i love natural, homemade products anyway.

i found this recipe and with some adjustments, i am starting my teeth whitening journey today. i have always hated my crowded bottom teeth and rabbit top teeth and since i can't change either of those thanks to the fact that our nation wants to charge ridiculous loads of money for any kind of insurance, i thought i'd spruce up what i have by whitening them [since i refuse to give up coffee, which i know is one of the major causes of teeth yellowing].

here are my teeth before treatment [don't scream!].

Ugh, the best photo I could get!
i am excited to try out this recipe and can't wait to see my results from week to week. i plan on using it every other day for two weeks, then cutting it down to twice a week for two weeks, then once a week. i'll do a photo update every week for the next month. here's to whiter teeth!

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  1. I'm glad to hear that you care about your dental health. By the way, have you asked a dentist's advice for your teeth whitening? I know that there are a lot of DIY or homemade teeth whitening, but it will also help if you consult a dentist. Anyway, I hope that your teeth whitening treatment will work. Good luck! :)

    -Janelle Forman