Tuesday, March 26, 2013

teeth whitening journey: week one

a week ago i decided to try out a teeth whitening recipe and try to get my teeth pearly white and a little more acceptable since i have the most ugliest crooked teeth in the world. the recipe is simple and i used it every other day for the first week. here are the results after week one:

not too much of a change, but i can definitely see it. i love using this recipe because it's: a. natural b. doesn't taste like chemically shit and c. it's super easy and cheap to make. i dip my dry toothbrush in the mixture then add a little water to get it all nice a foamy for the best coverage. i use a dry toothbrush to dip so that bacteria doesn't grow in the mixture. [i made a lot so it would last me a month and i'm not having to remake it each week]. then i brush with my normal [homemade] toothpaste. 

check back in another week to see how much whiter they will be!

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  1. Are you using baking soda and peroxide? I've been thinking about trying it, but I have sensitive teeth, so I'm nervous. Would love to know your results.

    Christy @ Creating a Beautiful Life

  2. Teeth whitening has become a useful and necessary part of our lives because our teeth get so dis-coloured from the every staining we get in foods and drinks.

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