Tuesday, March 19, 2013

thread the pages | book club meeting #3, part 1

we had our third meeting this past friday. i was totally unprepared! because of this whole bullying thing going on at bry's school and my having to focus on that then trying to read a book that is just so tragic and sad was not a good combo. so, unfortunately i got not even halfway through the book! thankfully a few others didn't have a chance to read it all the way through as well so i decided to host a second meeting to discuss more of the book. and hopefully some more people can join!

the book we were/are [for some of us apparently... sheesh i'm such a terrible book club coordinator!] reading was/is 'she's come undone' by wally lamb. it's basically a book about a girl who has a tragic childhood and ends up eating to help her emotions and eventually becomes fat. through events later on in life she decides to make amends and change her lifestyle. that last sentence... i didn't get to that part yet. i'm still in the tragic teen part. 

nonetheless, we still had a great meeting with great conversation. here's a little bit of our discussion:

I feel like once they got that TV it all went to #^*>

Haha, awwe. It was her escape from her real life, that and food.

I feel the most sorry for the mother. More so than Dolores. Anyone else?

Gosh I felt bad for her. She tried so hard just to help out her daughter. But she could barely keep her life together.

I felt so uncomfortable during the rape scene. I couldnt read any further.I didnt finish that chapter.

I think part of her hatred towards people judging her is paranoia.

It just may have been the thing to do, 'Running errands' with your kids

Thats how I felt the whole time I was reading; the worst was going to happen.

Poor grandma. I have to say, I related to her best. I'm a crotchety old catholic lady at heart.

Like, she shelters herself, and tries to bandage her life up in her room with calories and tv. 

But four years later? I mean... I know everyone heals differently but four years... thats a long time! And yes, a bit obsessed for sure.

well, that's about it really. i am excited to get more in to discussion this week. i have read all of the book now so i know i will be prepared this time around!

the next book we are reading is 'is everyone hanging out with me [and other concerns]' by mindy kaling. i am very excited about this book because 1. she is amazing 2. she is hilarious 3. she has an amazing wardrobe 4. i love her show 'the mindy project' 5. this is not a sad book! the last three books have been sad, sad, sad, so i am glad to have chosen one that wont make me cry! [at least i hope i wont cry with this one!]. you can find the book on amazon or pick it up at your local target for 20% off the cover price! it is also available on your kindle and other tablets. 

interested in joining my book club? leave me a comment here or send me an email at afoxandawolf [at] yahoo [dot] com

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  1. I haven't finished the book either, but by Friday I should.

    For me I feel Sorry for the Mother the most and completely agree with you.

    Oh and looking forward to a funny book. :)

    You're a Great Coordinator, thank you for all the hard work you do!