Tuesday, June 11, 2013


wow, a lot has been going on. total destruction hit the household and i've needed to take a step back for a bit. it's been a lovely break, but i find myself feeling horrible about being away so i guess blogging really is my life. with that said, i have had to drop a lot of my obligations so that my kids can have all of me. since the school year is over, pta is automatically out the door. can i say that i am absolutely ecstatic about that? eff it... i am so ecstatic about that! i've been a pta mom for seven... yes seven years and i am so burnt out it's not even funny. but silly me is still super excited to join next year! i'll just be in the back not raising my hand and participating only when i can. must. learn. to. say. no.

i also am dropping chevron stitches for a while. i haven't been able to gather my thoughts properly over there for a while now and have given shit posts that mean absolutely nothing and were last minute throw-togethers. dudes, i'm sorry if you've followed me over there! i promise... when i come back to it, it will be better than ever! just let me get my bearings straight first.

my position at b.you is on hold as well. i'm uber bummed about that, but actually, as i was typing this, i thought of a resolution to the problem there so even though i won't be doing any posting, i will be contributing still. i'll keep you posted on that or you can just head on over to b.you later this week and see what is up! 

i will be slowly withdrawing myself from facebook, actively. what i mean by that is my tweets will still show up on there, but i will not do any actual posting directly to facebook. i will also be deleting about 200 more friends, i hope, in order to weed out the unnecessary. i really only need facebook to run my book club as well as the bible study group i have totally slacked on [sorry friends! i'm updating the page tonight!]. 

i will be closing up shop. yup, that's right. no little indian sets. no earrings. no bracelets. no more baby and mama items. it's done. i feel like i need to get my inspiration back and in doing that, i need to create for myself right now and take care of me before i can give a piece of that back to you all. it totally sucks, as i went through a whole process of finding amazing people for my products, but it's just something i have to do. man, being a grown up can be so hard sometimes! 

i'll still be updating on here, though it won't be every day. i'll update when i want to or need to, but will not blog with obligation. i've lost sight, i think, of what blogging really means to me and i need to get back in to that place. blogging is my life.. it really is! and i love it! but i haven't liked it for a while and i want to be able to sit down, pull out a post, hit publish and love it. and i want you all to love it too. on all of my blogs. so stick with me... you'll be seeing a lot of me still, but mostly here and on instagram. 

thank you all for being so cool and dealing with my absence! you all rock!

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