Thursday, January 24, 2013

the adventures of a fox and a wolf {and their pups}

this past weekend, while i was all cozy on the couch under my blanket, blogging and whatnot, the wolf comes out all fresh and clean and says ‘get up, get ready, we are getting out of the house’. ugh. i haven’t even had my coffee yet and i had to blog and sheesh; i just got comfy! so i took a few sips of coffee, hit publish, and got my bum in gear.
i asked where we were going and he said ‘i don’t know, but we are going on an adventure.’ usually when he says that, we end up in wild places doing wild things and having wild fun. and that we did.
we packed some snacks and entertainment for the pups, hopped in the truck, gassed up and drove. we ended up on the beautiful hwy 1 and headed north. this is what our little adventure consisted of:
-hardcore music {as always}
-bry blasting strange music in her headphones {she is turning into such a teenager!}
-a ‘quick stop’ in cambria turned into a three hour tour of the town
-a yummy lunch at linn’s cafe where i ran in to an old time friend
-hemp yarn {that will soon become scrubby pads for our kitchen} at a cool hippie yarn shop
-antiquing where i found the prettiest vintage blue ball mason jar {for my awesome diy laundry detergent}
-being stuck behind one of ‘those drivers’ who speeds up, slows down, speeds up… on a windy road where we can’t pass
-antique elvis plate for $8!
-passing the elephant seals {and not stopping because there were 189732891891821 people looking at them}
-nursing baby in the back seat while bry & richard follow a trail {then coming back after two minutes because of poison oak}
-stopping at ragged point
-watching the sun set
-seeing my kiddos play together, laughing, giggling, loving on each other
-sweet kisses
-photo taking
-burning my tongue on a vanilla latte
-holding hands on the way home
here are some photos from the adventure
image-11image-12image-15image-13 image-14image-16image-1

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