Tuesday, February 5, 2013


how many friends do you have? lots? oh. well i dont have very many. don't get me wrong, i'm not complaining or anything. i'd rather keep it that way. my facebook page reflects that i have almost 600 friends, though. do i know all of those people? no. most? yes. but they're not really my 'friends'. more like acquaintances or people you keep at a distance just in case. facebook and other social media sites have made it very easy to slip away from that organic feeling of having a friend.

while having a conversation with a person i know the other day the topic of friends were brought up. this person proceeded to tell me she has more friends than she can handle and how obligated she feels to each and every one of them. i straight up asked her why? she couldn't respond.

see, i just don't understand why people feel as though they need to have 'so many friends'. when you have that many friends, how can you keep what you have between each other real, organic, intimate, special? i can count my best friends on one hand and i'm cool with that. each one of those gals share something special with me that can't be shared with anyone else. that's truly how friendships should be. it's not a popularity contest! and this whole superficial friend bit is quite annoying too. ive dropped quite a few people who i used to consider a close friend until i came to the realization that they're just crap.

i see so many people post 'follow me i follow back' and shit like that on IG and twitter. why? just so your numbers will be high? who the frick cares? do you go around doing that in real life? do you stand on the street corner holding up a sign saying 'follow me! be my friend! please, i need a big following of people at my finger tips'. no, you don't. and if you do, you have problems! i try and treat each person i 'friend' or 'follow' as if they were someone i would have a conversation with in real life. but i do not consider them a close friend or someone i can tell anything to. i don't care to be popular, either. not even as a blogger. yes, i love for people to friend me on GFC and follow my IG and twitter, but not so my numbers will be high. i write for them, so naturally i want them to actually read my content.

what is your take on friendships? do you feel the more the merrier? are you close with a lot of people or prefer a smaller amount of friends to have that special and organic feeling with?

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  1. I agree with you wholeheartedly. I have very few friends but we are close. I can't name one person I spend time with regularly that I don't completely trust and I love it that way. When we first met...years ago, it wasnt like that at all. its taken a lot of learning and growing to become the good friend i am today. it just seems like there is so much more drama with too many friends and it gets complicated fast and often. i know we barely know each other, but I don't follow you to up my numbers. You are totally an inspiration. My hermit-small circle life is one of the reasons I haven't gotten off my butt and visited you. We should really hang out. I think we'd get along and Oliver is sooo irresistibly cute in your pictures. I actually look forward to seeing your pics and posts, which I can't say the same about people I know 'better' but don't hang out with and are 'friends' with on Facebook. Ha!.

  2. I agree. To be honest the only people who I am close with take me as I am. Lots of friends doesn't mean a thing. It doesn't mean they will be there for you when you need them. Having loads of friends just means more arguing and more talking behind your back. Having one close friend that mean something is better that having a 100 so called friends.
    I'm coming over from the great blog train. http://www.stonecottageadventures.com/
    I love the way you tell it as it is.

  3. really beautiful blog. i have a feeling that you will make more genuine connections here then you'd think because there are certainly a lot of people that feel the same way.

    new follower from hop:

  4. I agree. I have about 5 really close friends....3 are my sisters and 1 is a cousin haha. I can remember in high school being so upset over the numbers and the lost friends. But now I realize that each and every one of these ladies I can trust with my life. It's quality over quantity for sure! :)