Wednesday, February 20, 2013

greatest thrift store find ever

i don't know why i don't go thrifting more. maybe it's because i'm frugal {read: cheap} or maybe it's cause i feel really dirty after digging through all of their things, but i really should do it more often. there is this awesome thrift store in my town that has a crazy amount of items in it. you have to dig and dig and dig to really take a look at all it has to offer. plus they have an amazing assortment of cowboy/girl boots, even for the tots. but that is not where i found my greatest thrift store find today. mine just so happened to be sitting on the shelf at the local goodwill. 

they were side by side and i picked one up to look at the price: $.50. i looked at the other one and it had no price. i grabbed both figuring the other non-priced one was the same. when i was ready to check out i asked the girl if the other mug would be the same price at which she informed me that because there was no sticker she would have to assume that the $.50 was for both mugs. both?! i was super excited. plus i saved 10% so i really walked out paying $.45 for two incredibly awesome mugs! 

yup; when i get paid, i'm thrifting the heck out of this town.

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  1. i am trying to find the way to describe the noise i just made when i read about those adorable mugs. it sounded something like, "merp!"

  2. Thrifting is my favorite hobby

  3. Oh you blog is adorable! love the title, reminds me me of old russian fairytales :)

  4. Hi! I've just stumbled across your blog from the GFC Collective, you had me at thrifted! Nice to find a fellow thrifty reader :)
    Kitty & Buck

  5. I LOVE thrifting every once in a while! My VERY favorite Golf Capris are from one ofr cool shops in town! Over 10 yrs old and I still wear them! Happy Thrifting :-)

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  9. i LOVE when things like this happen.

    stopping by from the hop!
    Harley & Jane