Tuesday, April 30, 2013

i'm going to be in the paper!

i am pretty excited to announce that i will be in the new times [one of our local papers] on may 8th for a mother's day special on mom bloggers! i was contacted by a writer for the paper who was looking for a few mom bloggers in our area to feature. she had been asking around and our mutual friend jason suggested me. she checked out my blog and said she liked the content! yay me! 

she will be featuring some exerts from some of my posts as well as some photos and... me and two other mom bloggers will be on the front page of the paper! talk about a great way to have your blog exposed! i am pretty excited about this and cannot wait to see it when it's in print! i will definitely be uploading the image of the front cover as well as the spread in the paper once it is published. 

happy dances and heart eyes for days!

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