Wednesday, May 1, 2013

my life: in 250 words or less

today is the first day of may so it is the first day of my commitment to blogging every day in may. you may have read my post on it a few days ago so you'll know what topics to expect... are you taking the challenge with me as well? 

today i am supposed to write about my life in 250 words or less. this is usually an issue for me because i seriously talk so much! so i am going to try and make sure it is 250 words and no more. here goes...

i was born across the street from the san diego zoo in the naval hospital [which is now a museum] on november 27th, 1984 at 7:27am to my parents, kelly and andy. my parents moved me up to the central coast when i was three and i've been here ever since. my childhood was good and my parents did the best they could with what they had, though sometimes i felt like i was being raised by two wolves. when i was 5 1/2 my brother, joey, was born and he changed my life forever. though we always, always fought viciously, he also equally made my childhood amazing. my parents later divorced when i was a freshman in high school which resulted in major depression and anxiety for me. i became a problem child, skipping school, doing bad things and causing my parents great stress. this went on for a few years and when i was 16 i found out i was pregnant with my daughter, bry. just one week shy of my 17th birthday i gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. she too changed my life forever, for the better. her dad and i stayed together, married 2 years later, divorced 6 months later. he went off to the military and my daughter and i stayed. i later met my second husband and after 5 years together we married and 6 months later we divorced. i found my third love, the wolf, and together we have our son, oliver. i've had many jobs, but being a mom is the best one of all. i currently am a SAHM who baby sits for extra cash and creates handmade goodies for mama's and babies. i also blog. a lot.

^^^hoping thats 250 words or less haha.

whats your story in 250 words or less?

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  1. I don't know if it's 250 words or less, haha, but I loved reading it and learning more about your life! It is so much fun getting to know you better through this swap. Thanks for sharing your story.