Monday, April 22, 2013

new feet tattoos

i am a lover of tattoos. i love the process, the art, the community [for the most part] and i absolutely love tattoos on people, man or woman. i think they tell a story, a personal story [no matter how ridiculous it is] and personal stories in the form of art are sexy. so naturally i am going to adorn my body with them.

i have many, which you will find out soon enough, that i absolutely love and tell a story. but on olivers birthday i wanted to get something that was the most meaningful of all; tattoos for my kids. i already have bry's [bryanna] name down my left side torso in her actual print, but i wanted something more than that and something more interesting and my style. not that i don't love her name down my side, which i am adding to, but i wanted to get something that was similar to what i would be getting for oliver. and what better place than to get them on my feet. i actually had a tattoo that i wanted to cover up on my right foot that i got just two weeks after my first tattoo at 22. i had plans to do more with it, but wasn't happy with the tattoo artist i had and never pursued it any further. so it was definitely something i needed to cover up; my first cover-up!

i have a great relationship with an amazing tattoo artist gary, who goes by sawdust, that owns and tattoos at sink or swim in grover beach, ca. he completed the small start of my half sleeve [which will become a full sleeve soon], did a barn swallow on my shoulder [a matchy matchy with the wolf], and an amazing human skull on the entire backside of my left thigh. aside from being a great friend he is also an even better tattoo artist so going back to him was a no brainer for this. plus, he totally digs doing the style tattoo i chose for these beauties. 

the style i wanted was american traditional. i gave him a little direction in that i wanted american traditional and hearts with banners of the kids' names; bryanna and oliver. i let him come up with the rest [design, color, etc.]. so when he sent me the sketches, i was totally pleased! and very excited. and on friday, olivers birthday, i got these amazing pieces done!
the second tattoo i ever got, the one that got covered up

gary took these right after he was finished

the next morning, nice and scabby... trying to heal

two days later.... dirty feet and a nice soak in the bath. ive always wanted to take a bath and look at tattoos on my feet.

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  1. I'm obsessed with tattoos and wish I could be one of those girls with an entire sleeve. They are so sexy. :)

    Instead, I just got my second tattoo a couple of days ago. A simple, single word, written in my hand writing...going down the underside of my wrist. I love it. And love yours too!!

  2. I have been wanting to take the tattoo plunge for a while now, but haven't mustered up the courage! Yours turned out great! And such a great tribute to your kiddos!

  3. I absolutely love the new tattoos! The style is so unique :)