Tuesday, April 23, 2013

thread the pages | book club meeting #4

we just had our fourth book club meeting! our book was 'is everyone hanging out with me [and other concerns]' by mindy kaling. she is a riot! i had started watching her show 'the mindy project' so when it came time to choose a book that was not depressing like the last three and saw someone had pinned in on our book club pinterest board, i knew i had to choose it. and i am so glad i did! here are a few comments from our book club meeting:

i am the biggest office fan, but never really appreciated mindy's character and i haven't really seen her new show so it was nice to get a different view of her

it was GREAT when i was reading because i could picture her talking with her spunk

it was like we were having a real convo [allie]
that's how i felt, like i was there in conversation [shannon]
it was like i was sitting there chatting with her [myself]
^^^ we all said [typed] this at the same time! lol

i also related to her a lot

i can relate to her too on that level

i really do not like that basketball guy

i loved her story about baby sitting

who here is totally jelly of mindy in some part of her story? I AM

yup, she has amazing friends

like living with her awesome roommates!

i love how she describes everything. so much how i see things in my head, but can't put words to it.

[torrie joins the discussion]

hi torrie; we're just talking about how jelly we are of mindy's clothes, confidence, and bff's

oh, haha. so basically how awesome she is?

when i was reading it, i could imagine her saying it

i think i laughed the hardest with the chapter with pictures off her cell phone. it was so stinkin funny & totally relatable. 

i loved her little note about how she doesn't think stress is a legit topic of conversation. SO TRUE! we all have stress!

every part seemed interesting because a lot of it felt like conversations i would normally have... which may make me seem weird? 

i also liked how she went on about how she wasn't looking for a boy anymore, that she wanted a man. a lot of it was so accurate!

the book was great because it had the perfect mix of really great girlfriend advice and was funny as hell

oh and the bit about the waxed chests!


the next book we are reading is 'stern men' by elizabeth gilbert. if you would like to be a part of my online book club, please send me an email at afoxandawolf [at] yahoo [dot] com

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  1. My book club read this last month. She is hilarious!