Monday, April 15, 2013

stamps and stuff

 lately i've been busy with pta stuff, lice, volley ball practices [bry], roller derby scrimmages and bouts [me], and planning oliver's first birthday which is less than a week away! i haven't had much time to sew or be crafty or be inspired. but i got inspired by oliver's party's theme to hand carve a anchor stamp that i needed for his invites and some decorations and i just sort of went crazy. i started with an anchor and a cute little fishy, then did a set of chevron arrows, an arrow, little triangles, a teepee and a little something for all of my instagram orders; the instagram and comment bubble logos!

hand carved stamps!
invite envelopes with hand carved anchor and fishy stamp
top of oliver's teepee, hand painted and hand stamped [with hand carved teepee stamp]
hand stamped onesie with teepee stamp
i think i am definitely going to be making more of these hand stamped onesies with the teepee and triangle stamps!

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  1. Stopping over from the B.You blog hop! That teepee stamp is adorable, especially on the onesie. I love carving stamps, I've been carving up a storm lately to make cards and such. I haven't tried printing on fabric yet but I think I might have to soon!