Tuesday, April 16, 2013

thread the truth | bible study group

lately i've been craving to be a part of a bible study group but i can't seem to find one locally that will work with my schedule, especially being a one car family. plus with all of my other obligations, committing to leaving the house for another thing can be unmanageable at times so i decided to form an online bible study group. my online book club, thread the pages, has been successful so i am hoping this could be the same. 

the idea and structure is the same; i created a group on facebook that you can join where bible studies will be held via chat and you can share daily verses on the group wall. since i have never even held a bible study before, i am hoping that we would be able to take turns leading in discussion each meeting until maybe i feel more comfortable leading each time. 
if you're interested in joining, please join the group and/or email me at afoxandawolf [at] gmail [dot]com. thanks!

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1 comment:

  1. Hey girl!!!

    I am just so excited that you are starting it! Seems like the perfect thing to do right now :) I, sadly :( will not be able to join right now :( :( Honestly, it's because I have WAY too much on my plate and might crumble if I add one more thing.

    Hoping things lessen and I can join at a later date!!

    Hope this thing brings you SO MUCH peace and joy!