Friday, May 3, 2013

a list of things you should know about me

today's topic for the blog every day in may challenge is things that make me uncomfortable, which essentially is a list of things you should know about me. i have ocd and a panic & anxiety disorder so you already know right there that this list will be long...

-my face being touched
-being too close to my face
-other people driving
-driving in general
-racy movies, shows, or commercials
-my feet being touched
-driving next to semi trucks on the freeway
-crowded places
-grocery shopping
-being put in the position to choose where to eat or go
-hosting parties or get-togethers
-my belly being touched
-kind of being touched in general
-kissing on the lips
-preparing food
-public restrooms
-bathrooms at peoples houses
-going over to someones house for the first time
-public speaking
-singing in front of a crowd
-things touching my face [i have to wear glasses, but don't because they're touching my face]
-driving to someones house for the first time and having to look for their address
-having my photo taken [i used to model!]
-wearing non-stretchy jeans
-taking a shower with someone else
-disorganized psaces
-political conversations
-controversial conversations
-when other people embarrass themselves
-when i'm embarrassed
-my legs being touched
-getting a pedicure
-waiting for people in the vehicle
-laundry [the putting everything away part]
-public events
-when it's too cold or too hot outside
-wearing a bathing suit
-big cities

there are definitely many many more so i could go on, but i think that all of those things are plenty for you to understand what makes me uncomfortable. of course, most these things seem a little extreme for normal people, but because of the ocd and panic/anxiety disorder, it is a lot more of a struggle for me. but even with these things i am a pretty normal person to be around :) i've had ocd my whole life, but the panic & anxiety disorder didn't rear it's ugly head until i had my daughter, bry, 11 years ago. it's been a struggle since. i've tried medication, therapy, natural remedies... nothing has really worked, so i live with it. most days i can keep it under control, but there are days when the panic and anxiety well up so much inside of me that i have no choice but to have a panic attack. it is scary! but i just keep reminding myself that i can get through it and that i will feel better when it's over. 

what makes you uncomfortable?


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  1. Did writing it all down temporarily help make you feel better in any way?? And on the bright side of everything, your OCD and anxiety helped you rock this post's socks!! I honestly could barely come up with six or so. I probably SHOULD get more uncomfortable than I do, most likely for the sake of others... ;)