Friday, May 10, 2013

it's true; you can get your butt stuck in a garbage can!

my most embarrassing moment, huh? well, let me take you back to a day in my freshman year of high school....
just a few short months in to school, when everything is so new and you're still trying to find new friends, i was standing with a group of kids during break. a senior friend of mine walks up to me with his buds and starts chatting with me about game night. the bell rings, everyone scatters, and he picks me up and sticks me butt first in to the garbage can! and it got stuck!!! not because my butt is the size of a trash can, but because the trash can wasn't full enough and my butt sank to the bottom with my knees touching my face! since the bell had rung, no one was around to help me except a few bystanders. but they were laughing as they all walked off and i had to call for help from the custodian. he got me out and walked me to the office where my mom had to bring me a new pair of clothes. but because she didn't get off work until later, i was sent back to class smelling like... a garbage can! oh my gosh, i never heard the end of it! there is nothing more terrifying than having your butt stuck in a garbage can by a senior during the first part of your freshman year of high school in front of a large crowd and having the custodian get you out! talk about social suicide! i still give my senior friend shit when i see him and he still laughs his butt off. i'm waiting for the perfect moment to pick him up and stick his butt in a garbage can! 

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