Thursday, May 16, 2013

overcoming obstacles

for blog every day in may i am supposed to share with you what has been difficult for me and how i am overcoming it.

unfortunately i am not at a point in my life where i am ready to share my difficulties that are anything other than trivial. i've been going through some really trying times right now and eventually i will be able to share them with you and my experiences in getting through them. 

however; with anything else in my life that may be difficult, they're also pretty unimportant and not worth being anything other than resilient. when you have children you have to learn to pick your battles; that's definitely something you should practice in life anyway. when you spend all of your time trying to fix things that are out of your control, the bigger, more important things seem all too overwhelming and become more difficult than they really should be. my daily, difficult obstacles are simply overcome by letting go. that is something i definitely have to remember to do since i'm going through this difficult time in my life right now. i need all of my energy to get through this. 

are you going through some difficulties? how are you overcoming it? 

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  1. I'm trying to overcome being reactionary to toddler drama because i'm so tired. i don't really know what i'm doing about it..reading a book on parenting and reading stuff like this post that make me think objectively about how it really is my problem not A PROBLEM. does that even make sense? who knows, need sleep..!

  2. My biggest current difficulties I can't do anything about are 1) my man's on deployment and 2) my younger sister is living with me this month. I just keep reminding myself that deployments aren't forever and this will probably be the last time I ever live with my sister. I tend to be a very stressy person, but my guy is fond of reminding me that there's no sense worrying about things beyond my control. It does not come naturally to me, though!