Saturday, May 25, 2013

i am spoiled

day 25: something someone told you about yourself that you'll never forget [good or bad]

luckily what i am about to share with you is something good. really good. like, spoiled good. one of my bestest friends of all recently told me this [luckily, it was written in an email so i couldn't actually forget it]:

'you have so much fun. you don't want to spend your time idly, doing nothing at all. this bores you, and you feel bad about it, when and if it ever happens at all. you always have to be doing something. oh excuse me, you always have to be doing a few things! haha not really but you are capable! you know that whatever you are spending your time doing should be something that brings happiness to you and those around you. you don't want to be involved in anything that doesn't serve happiness and joy in some way. this is where your passion comes in handy. you develop interests in things that sometimes lead to passion. your knack for arts and crafts has lent you a hand in creating wonderful objects of all sorts, shapes, and sizes, and you have been able to push your boundaries into new arenas of artistry that you didn't originally know you would enjoy. once you have created something new, you move on to something else new. and you keep creating new things, over and over again. it never gets old though, because you don't repeat yourself. even if you decide to make the same thing, you will find a way to improve it the second time around. you have an endless drive to keep creating, and it keeps your mind active and interested. i love how you can look at thin air and visualize an amazing creation from the rolling waves in your mind.'

this means so much to me! i am so spoiled by the people who love and care about me! i am also so very glad they told me this because lately i have been feeling very uninspired and unmotivated. i've also felt as though that shows in what i do have the energy to create and that's not fair to myself, my business, and the people who rely on my creations. to know that i inspire and what i do actually means something, especially coming from someone i love dearly, makes me feel so amazing! it's also nice to know that someone else can appreciate my method of madness by not sticking to one project for too long and moving from craft to craft!

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  1. It's always such a blessing when you get a note such as this one.