Friday, May 24, 2013

my three worst traits [but there totally could be more]

day 24: three worst traits. i have more than three that i am wiling to openly admit, but since it only says three then three i will confess...

1. i am sensitive. i wish i could say that i let things roll off my back, but i don't. i'm a logical person, but there are times when i feel so sensitive about something that someone has said to me or done and it just eats me alive. i hate that! i recently just had a battle with sensitivity when a friend of mine accused me of treating her in a way i would never actually treat her. i really got bent out of shape over it, even though i didn't do anything wrong! eventually i got over it, but i seriously was so upset for a bit!

2. i am confrontational. but only when it's convenient for me. i actually hate confrontation, but there are several instances where i feel it necessary to be confrontational. i wish i weren't in most  cases, however; i have been able to use it to my advantage a couple of times and have gotten out of a few things because of it.

3. i am procrastinator. i do not work well with timelines or even deadlines. i feel as though i create, make, and produce the best when i am working under pressure. to me, it's a challenge. i like to work at my own pace and all of the pressure of having to have something done by this time or that freaks me out, but powers me through the task. i always get my projects done on time, but not without a little last minute hustle.

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  1. I can totally "see" number 3 in you, hehehehe. *coughbloglovinbloghopcough* BUUUUUT I can also TOTALLY relate to NUMBER 1! I mean, phew! Sensitivity should have been my middle name. Christina Sensitivity Main. Yep, fits just right. My poor poor husband is always seeing that terrible side of me when I get mad or sad at something ridiculous he says or does. Probably need to work on that. God is showing me this truth this week- in EVERY situation and EVERY task we face EVERY day- we have a choice- love our neighbor and God...or choose to love ourself. Bleh!!!! I usually choose self. Maybe next time BIll is being silly or trying to lovingly push my buttons I can choose to love HIM instead of SELF and just giggle.