Sunday, May 5, 2013

i love you christina!!

i 'met' christina of sweet lavender bake shoppe via instagram when she wanted to do a blog button swap. it was the first time i had even had a blog button made and through some pretty trying emails, i finally got my ish straight and made a blog button for her to swap with. 

since then we have popped into each others day from time to time checking in on each other, participating in blog things, sharing posts, bouncing ideas, and building each other up. but it wasn't until i asked her if she wanted to be a contributor for my other blog that we became closer.

it isn't just so much about how we encourage one another in the blogging community or that we talk almost daily about topics and such, it's much more than that. when i am feeling down and i put up a status update on facebook or blog about how my daughter has been bullied or about how hard it is for me to find balance sometimes, she always - and i mean always sends me an email full of encouragement on life. we share a love for jesus so that common ground has helped in being able to relate to one another in these trying times.  she will share a verse with me, pray for me, pray with me, and give me the motivation to push through. aside from that, what i love so much about her, is that she is just about one of the sweetest bloggy friends i have and is so understanding. she is also pretty funny and cracks me up sometimes. 

quite honestly, if it wasn't for her and her blog button swap, i don't know if i would be where i am right now. so christina... i love you and thank you so much for being such an amazing, inspiring, thoughtful, funny, sweet, encouraging bloggy friend! 

p.s. you guys really should go check out her shoppe!

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  1. Holy moly!!!

    Well...uh....gosh! I'm just so utterly...just in awe. Thank you for the kindest words I've heard in a while. So glad we've met through the Blogosphere!