Monday, May 6, 2013

'what do you do'?

what do i do? well, i am a stay at home mom of two. i am also a blogger, currently writing for three of my own blogs [this one,, and chevron stitches]. i create hand made goodies for mama's and bambinos selling online and in local shops. i love to diy and craft along with sewing so i do that as much as possible. i am also a pta mom being the secretary on the executive board as well as the room parent coordinator. i am typically seen at the school about 20 times in one week. being a pta mom is a lot of hard work, but it is gratifying knowing that i am making even just a small change in my daughter's school. 

my kids are 11 years old [daughter, bry] and 12 months [son, oliver]. when big sister is at school all day i hang out with the baby, go for walks, play games, pick up toys, change diapers, feed him, dance, and goof around. oliver and i have some good real fun! when big sister gets home from school i focus on helping her with homework, making sure she gets her chores done, hanging out with her [if she wants to... shes a tween so sometimes hanging with mom isn't cool anymore], and putting the house back in order. 

i don't do a lot to contribute financially other than what i sell in my shop, but i do so much more in shaping the lives of my children and making sure my house is a home. i used to work in the corporate world and i am so glad that i don't anymore. being at home with my kids is the best thing for me and i love it! 

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  1. Ashley, you do a ton every day. And like all work-at-home-moms, it's valuable, important work and likely more fulfilling than a corporate job. (And some would argue more important than one too!)

    Christy @ Creating a Beautiful Life

  2. I hate the 'what do you do' question. As if it defines something about you. I have a stinky job and that's why I've created a different outlet for myself that is more about who I am than anything else. But what pays the bills? Sitting at a desk and answering phones.


  3. Sounds a lot like my day, minus the 11 year old daughter. How great that we can stay home with our kiddos? Such a special time for everyone. :)

  4. Holy...cow! You are a super-mom!! I'm your newest follower... Mainly so I can learn your ways of literally "doing-it-all". You're my hero!