Monday, May 13, 2013

my apologies...

today's challenge is to issue a public apology. while i grappled with the idea of publicly apologizing for things i have or have not done to someone, i found that this post comes quite easy for me to write as i have no problem apologizing for things i've done wrong. but to spare anyone any personal details, i decided to just embarrass myself today and leave everyone else out of it. here goes...
dear body,
i am so, so very sorry! i have neglected you for over a year now and i really am sorry. i used to take such good care of you; working out, walking, eating healthier, applying lotion regularly, washing my face every night, brushing my teeth more than once a day, shaving my legs more often. it's just taking care of baby, handling intense situations at bry's school, blogging, barely having help with anything else - taking care of you fell by the wayside. now we are just a big ball of fluffy and that needs to change! all of these things are excuses, though, and can be fixed! so i make a vow to start taking care of you better. i promise i'll do more yoga, take walks daily with baby, eat much healthier, use more lotion, wash the make up off my face before bed, brush my teeth every night, and shave my legs more than once in a month. i know that if i take better care of you, my brain will work better for me. again, i am so sorry! 

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