Sunday, May 19, 2013

my five fave blogs

today i am sharing with you my five fave blogs for blog every day in may. it is definitely not hard at all to give you this list, though i wish i could list my ten fave blogs because i have so many!

1. a beautiful mess

elsie + emma are probably the most modern & urban, creative beings out there. each of their posts appeal to me so much and i find crazy amounts of inspiration from them. i also love how much of the behind the scenes they share which gives me so much motivation to stay organized and on top of things in the blogging world. everything they post is so gorgeous, beautiful, yummy - i definitely have blog envy with them.

2. nearsighted owl

what i love so much about the nearsighted owl is rachele's ability to be so outspoken and confident in such a positive way. she takes the negativity that people display of fat people and turns it in to sort of a badge of honor for herself. i've never really had a lot of confidence in my body and am always trying to make it better so i am a little jealous of her acceptance of herself, but reading her blog has slowly given me the confidence i need to not only try to improve myself to be at a point where i am happy, but to accept myself for what i look like now. aside from her 'fat bitch' attitude, she also has a really amazing eclectic style, not just with her clothes, but in her home and life as well. i always look forward to those posts.


dana is amazing. i have a love for sewing and get inspiration from her blog every single day. her posts and creations have challenged me to step outside the box a little bit and make things i otherwise wouldn't feel i could make. i also love her photos in her posts. they're so crisp and clean; there is just something about a photo with an all white background that makes me weak in the knees.

4. girls of god's heart

every day i wake up and this is the first blog i click on. the girls at this blog give daily inspiration and scripture that really get me through the day. their posts are constant reminders of the struggles we have and how we can just lean on him to get through it. personal stories are also shared which is great because it gives us readers something to relate to on a more personal level.

5. harvesting kale

i adore randalin. i read her blog to learn from her. she teaches montessori in her home, she makes sure her family makes healthy choices; she's kind of a crunchy and i admire that. i get great recipes from her, learn to make some educational things for the kids, things to pack for lunches for them, parenting ideas and advice as well as experiences; her blog is just full of knowledge and it's all things we have a love for. i'm not quite sure yet, but there is something about her blog that sets it apart from any other blog like hers out there. also, i tend to like blogs with a simple design that is still visually pleasing and randalin totally captures that essence.

what are your guys' fave blogs??

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  1. I will definitely have to check these out!! Fairly new to the blogging world and having so much fun meeting you as well as others!

    visiting from blog hop :)